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If you find yourself unable to keep up with your bills for whatever reason, working with a competent, credentialed debt relief firm may be the right choice for you to get a fresh start on your financial future. The Law Office of William Waldner is committed to providing reliable, confidential, and effective services for our clients. Click the title above this paragraph to read more of the reasons why choosing the Law Office of William Waldner to represent you is the first step toward a brighter tomorrow.

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Notes From Our Clients

  • I was referred to the Law Office of William Waldner by an attorney friend. He reviewed my situation and explained to me that I did not pass the means test and therefore I could not qualify for bankruptcy. He explained that I just needed to challenge the lawsuit against me (brought by a credit card company) because they did not serve me properly. I did this and the case was dropped and I now do not owe on the debt that was concerning me. I also incurred no legal fees through the process. Rarely have I encountered honest attorneys' but this is definitely one of the good ones!
    Dan, a Chapter 7 client
  • Mr. Waldner is not only competent and professional, but also very responsive. I feel he has my best interest at heart. I appreciate the explanations and alternatives he lays out.
    John, a Bankruptcy client
  • Before I decided to file for bankrutpcy I called a debt consolidation company and paid thousands of dollars for a year. Well, they did not settle any of my credit cards and here I am today! To make things worse I was worried about loosing my home. Mr. Waldner got me in touch with his appraiser and it turned out that I was able to keep my house. Actually I did not give up anything because I guess he was able to use an alternate form of "exemptions" that allowed me to keep all of my valuables. Mr. Waldner was referred to me by a close friend who filed for bankruptcy some time ago and I really am happy I made this decision and filed with Mr. Waldner's office
    Mary, a Chapter 7 client
  • I have known William for more than 2 years and can say without hesitation that he provides outstanding service to all his clients. He treats each one with the respect and dignity they deserve during what are their most difficult economic situations. He is professional and courteous, always ready to answer his client's questions. He is honest and trustworthy. William is an outstanding attorney and extremely knowledgable of the complicated area of bankruptcy. He possesses integrity and is an expert in his field. I highly recommend William for your bankrupcty case.
    Angela, a Bankruptcy client
  • If you live in the New York City area and are looking for an attorney to handle your bankruptcy then Mr. William Waldner is your man. He was recommended to me by a friend so I did some research online. Read several very favorable reviews and decided that he definately was what I was looking for. Mr. Waldner was extremely diligent in handling all that pretails in filing banckrupt. Mr. Waldner was very patient and informative with all my questions. Mr. Waldner handled those creditors that were harassing me daily. I was very pleased with the overall experience I had at The Law Offices of William Waldner
    Frances, a Chapter 13 client
  • I came to Mr. Waldner at a tough time financially and he was able to help me with my Ch. 7 filing. He is professional to the utmost and made me feel confident and always kept completely informed throughout the process. I highly recommend him and his firm.
    Al, a Chapter 7 client

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